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Highland Sword by May McGoldrick

In this dazzling conclusion to the Royal Highlander series, a dedicated barrister fighting for reform falls for a rebellious lass with the heart of a lion. If you’ve read the first two books in the series, you’ll already be keen to see Morrigan find her happy ending, and if you haven’t read those books… then you really should, because the overarching plot of the Son of Scotland which is brought to a conclusion here won’t make a lot of sense.

I have to admit I did wonder how the authors were going to bring the overarching plot to a satisfying conclusion without a massive history rewrite, but they really did do an excellent job of it, while not allowing this to overshadow Morrigan and Aidan’s love story. The historical details show the authors’ meticulous research and make the whole story feel so real and authentic. Real historical personages mix with fictional ones, real events influencing the fictional plot until the lines between are truly blurred and it would take a historian to be sure which parts really happened and which are products of the authors’ imagination. It’s just so good, and something very few authors can pull off with real legitimacy because the depth of research required to make it feel this real is intense. This writing duo is right up there with the best currently writing historical romance.

TRIGGER WARNING REQUIRED: CSA/RAPE. A significant part of the plot hinges on Morrigan’s childhood abuse and rape at the hands of an older relative, who she is forced to confront as an adult. The actual abuse isn’t dwelt on, but enough details are given that this could be a dangerous trigger for those who have been victims of CSA or rape. Please approach with caution if this is an issue for you.

This is a stunning and satisfying conclusion to one of the best historical romance trilogies I’ve ever read. Do yourself a favour and read the whole series. Five stars.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

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