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Anne De Bourgh's Diary follows Anne as she seeks to break free from her draconic mother's control and live her own life. Lady Catherine turns out to be truly appalling in this one, and Colonel Fitzwilliam is the hero of the story. Of course, there is plenty of Darcy and Lizzy involved too, as the Diary begins on the very day of their wedding!

Lydia and the Colonel is a what-if story wondering what might have happened if Colonel Fitzwilliam was in Brighton during Lydia's stay? Accidentally intercepting Lydia's elopement with Wickham, both Lydia and Fitzwilliam are slightly bemused to find themselves betrothed... to each other!

A Duke for Diana is the third in the Blushing Brides series, and follows Marianne's niece Diana as she travels to Italy, accompanying Marianne and Alistair on their honeymoon, and there meets the dashing duke she just left England in a hurry to avoid!

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