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Blessed with a neutral British-English accent, I began narrating with some of my own audiobooks and am now accepting narration work from other authors. My voice is particularly well suited to Regency and Victorian era romance, and Jane Austen inspired work, but I will consider all genres and projects.
While I build my portfolio, I am offering an introductory rate of US $150 per finished hour, fully edited, mastered and ready to upload (the industry standard is US $250 PFM... and that's narration only). Every hour of finished audiobook recording takes around 5 hours to record, edit and master to pass ACX standards. In order to estimate the length of your finished work, divide your total word count by 9,300 - this is the ACX average of words per hour.
If we haven't worked together before, I do ask for a 25% up front deposit, the rest of the money to be paid when the audiobook is completed.  
Got questions about how audiobooks work? Try ACX's help center.
Or check out Findaway Voices, if you're in a country where you can't upload directly to ACX (everywhere but the US, UK, Canada and Ireland at the present time).
Otherwise, click the button below to get in touch and enquire about me narrating your audiobook now... or check out a sample contract or my FAQs about my process!
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