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Coming from California is my first ever pioneer-era romance!

Published through inspirational publisher Sweet Promise Press, Coming from California is the second in a multi-author series about young women who come to the fictional town of Rattlesnake Ridge, Nevada, in the middle of the silver boom of the 1870s. You can read the whole series FREE in Kindle Unlimited now!

When Daisy Jackson applied for the role of Rattlesnake Ridge’s new schoolmistress, she may have omitted a few important details, like her young age and lack of teaching experience. And it certainly doesn’t help that the town council holds her mixed-ethnicity against her, too.

Luke Rockford fell head over heels the very moment he laid eyes on Daisy, but he wasn’t the only one. His rival, Deputy Grant Watson also set his sights on the pretty teacher. The arrogant lawman is accustomed to getting what he wants, even if he has to bend the rules to claim it, from the job promised to Luke to any woman in town.

With so much to do before the school year begins, Daisy hardly knows which way to turn. Can she put down roots and fall in love before the town council runs her out of Rattlesnake Ridge?

If you like strong female characters, cheeky cowboys, and dastardly deputies then you’re sure to enjoy reading Coming from California. Get your copy to learn which man wins Daisy’s heart!

Return to Rattlesnake Ridge in my second book in this series - and find out what happens when former Deputy Grant Watson returns in search of redemption, years after his ignominious exit from the town after losing out in the battle for Daisy's heart!

Astrid Anderssen never planned to manage her family's ranch. When her father breaks his leg, however, she has no other choice. She has pinched every penny and stretched every dollar, but it's still not enough. If the new bank owner is anything like the old one, he'll send them packing when the next loan payment comes due.

Grant Watson left Rattlesnake Ridge under a cloud of shame. Inheriting his late uncle's bank brings him back to town, but ledgers full of gouging loans do nothing to help his reputation. Even the lovely blonde newcomer he crosses paths with on his first day in the bank seems to share the town's opinion of him.

When all hope seems lost, Grant offers Astrid a job in the bank. Is it an answer to her family's prayers? Or will a growing attraction for her new boss add up to a disastrous end?

If you enjoy romances with tortured heroes and damsels in distress, then you'll love Returning from Rhode Island. Get your copy and start reading today!

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