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Growing up in North Wales in a house for which the foundations were originally laid in the 14th century, my interest in history was probably inevitable, but I despised the 20th century geopolitics which passed for history at school. Instead, I devoured every historical novel I could lay my hands on, and found my greatest joy in the clever social commentary and witty repartee of Jane Austen.

When I moved to Stevenage in Hertfordshire, for work in the late 1990s, I could not help but imagine Old Town Stevenage as Meryton, and the nearby Knebworth House as Netherfield.

I married an Australian and moved to Queensland in 2001, far from the history I had grown up with, and it was then I started to write historical romance myself. The Best Of Relations, my first Austen tribute work, was published in 2015. An Earl For Ellen, my first original historical work, was published in boxed set Timeless in 2018 and will be available as a solo title in 2019.

I also write contemporary romance under the pen name Caitlyn Lynch. You can find all my works under that pen name here.

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