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Arriving from America to claim the earldom he never expected to inherit, Thomas Havers finds himself responsible for not only a huge estate full of servants and tenants, but also several female relatives. A countess to help him negotiate the unfamiliar intricacies of his new position is essential, and sooner rather than later, but how is he to choose? The beautiful Lady Louisa is born and bred for the role, but Thomas finds his heart pulling him in another direction entirely.

Orphaned and penniless, the best Ellen Bentley can hope for is a respectable position as a governess or companion. She has nothing to tempt any potential suitors, until the new earl takes an interest in his distant cousin and invites her to join the family in London.

Encouraged to find suitors of her own by her aunt, Ellen realises quickly that the only man she wishes to marry is Thomas, but he only has eyes for Lady Louisa. How can a parson’s daughter hope to compete with a diamond of the Ton?

Relieved widow Marianne has vowed never to let a man have power over her again after surviving a hellish marriage. Determed to maintain her independence, she refuses to let her scheming nephew turn her into an unpaid governess for his daughters and takes refuge with Ellen, Countess of Havers, at the countess’s first house party.

Alexander Rotherhithe, Marquis of Glenkellie, never stopped loving Marianne despite the way she broke his heart by marrying another man. Finding her available again and setting her traps for more unwary young men, his anger flares - until he finds out the truth about Marianne’s marriage.

Can Alexander accept the truth that she never intended to betray him - and can Marianne look past her fear and dare to love again?

A Marquis for Marianne is the second book in the Blushing Brides series after An Earl for Ellen, but can be enjoyed as a standalone novel.

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A Marquis for Marianne 6x9 eBook Cover.jpg
1 A Duke for Diana 6x9 eBook Cover.jpg

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After a disastrous London debut, Marianne's niece Diana jumps at the chance to accompany her aunt and new husband on their honeymoon to Italy, along with her outspoken younger sister Clarissa. But no sooner has she arrived in Venice than she is confronted by the last man she ever wanted to see again - the arrogant young duke she made a fool of herself in front of in London! Can she ever escape the awful nickname he coined for her... the Fainting Flower?

Will isn't ready to step into his father's shoes as duke, and he's certainly not ready to choose a bride from the list of oh-so-eligible young ladies his stepmother presents for his perusal. He's seen more feigned swoons as a bid to get his attention than he can remember. Fleeing to Italy to visit relatives in a bid for time, he's aghast that one of the candidates for his duchess has apparently followed him!

Diana's far from the feather-witted chit he first took her for, though. And when a serious suitor appears ready to snatch her up, Will has to face up to the fact that he's not going to get a second chance to make Diana his duchess.

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