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Wish Upon A Duke by Erica Ridley

Third in Erica Ridley’s charming The 12 Dukes Of Christmas series of novellas, Wish Upon A Duke follows Christopher Pringle, the younger brother of Nicholas who found his match in Kiss Of A Duke.

After a life in his brother’s shadow, Christopher has fairly simple wants and needs, and the one thing he desperately wants is a wife. Honestly, he thinks his requirements are fairly broad - rational, logical, must love travel - so Gloria, the matchmaker whose help he engages, shouldn’t have too much difficulty helping him find a wife.

Gloria’s beautiful herself, but utterly unsuitable, of course. Her wild flights of fanciful imagination drive him around the bend, but above all, she won’t set foot outside the town of Christmas.

Watching Nicholas fall for Gloria quite against his own will and inclination was delightful, and the story also flips on his head the trope (which I despise) of the woman giving up what she cares about to be with the man. Instead, Nicholas made the decision to give up a dream to be with Gloria, hoping and trusting that she might one day be able to share his dreams, but more than willing to accept her and love her either way. It was well done and genuinely romantic, the kind of moment which brings a lump to the throat.

This is another lovely addition to a delightful series I’m really enjoying. Five stars.

Wish Upon A Duke is available now.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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