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The Viscount's Unconventional Lady by Virginia Heath

I’m delighted by this first book in Virginia Heath’s new series about three sisters: daughters of a famous artist and a celebrated opera singer, the Brookes sisters are each unique in their own way, talented and strong-willed. Faith, the eldest, is an artist following in her father’s footsteps and currently acting as his assistant. Brought in to create a large portrait for an Earl’s family, Faith is hesitant about the scandalous eldest son of the family… a man whose scandal her mother can only spell out in hushed tones, because Piers, Viscount Eastwood, D-I-V-O-R-C-E-D his first wife.

Piers, however, isn’t at all the Lord Beastly who Faith expects. He’s steady - calm - responsible. An experienced diplomat working with the War Office, translating and negotiating with all the different delegations trying to end the war with Napoleon, he’s a far cry from the scandalous man the gossip sheets led her to expect. And he’s extremely attractive.

Faith is a delight, talented, independent, supported by a loving (and hilarious) family. It’s easy to see how Piers fell head over heels for her so fast. Having been taken advantage of by an earl’s son in the past, though, Faith is understandably gun-shy, and Piers’ own awful romantic past adds more obstacles they have to overcome on their way to a happy ending.

I really enjoyed this, and I’m very much looking forward to reading about Hope and Charity getting their happy endings in the rest of the series! Five stars for a great read.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via Rachel’s Random Resources.

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