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The Rogue Is Back In Town by Anna Bennett

Lord Samuel Travis has gone too far this time. When his brother the Marquess tosses him from the house, there is only one way to get back in his brother's good graces… do exactly as he is told. Given the unpalatable task of evicting an old man from a house his brother owns, Sam didn't reckon with a fiery grand-niece flatly refusing to obey. Getting to know Juliette, Sam realises there is more going on than meets the eye… and he might just be the honorable one out of the two Travis brothers after all.

This was a really enjoyable book, but for one thing. Sam's brother didn't get a proper comeuppance for being a complete scumbag. Seeing a villain brought low is one of the great satisfactions in reading a book sometimes, and goodness knows Nigel deserved it for his abominable behaviour. The omission of a properly satisfying resolution here unfortunately means I have to knock an otherwise excellent read down to four stars.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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