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The Lady's Deception by Susanna Craig

In this third book in Susanna Craig’s Rogues and Rebels series, it’s the eldest of the Burke family, barrister Paris, who meets his match. Still suffering guilt over the consequences his participation in the failed 1798 Irish Rebellion brought down on his friends and family, he’s been drinking when he meets a young woman he incorrectly assumes is the new governess sent to look after his sisters.

In the midst of a panicked flight from a forced marriage, Rosamund Gorse seizes on the opportunity offered by Paris Burke’s mistake. He might even be able, with his knowledge of the law, help her escape her brother’s clutches, but before she gets up the courage to ask him, he disappears on a case. Things go wrong when she discovers he’s travelled to the location she just fled from and jumps to conclusions.

Susanna Craig always puts a great deal of historical detail in her books, and you really get a strong flavour of the time period from the little details which really add up to create a coherent picture of how people really lived. Paris suffers a real crisis of conscience over falling in love with an Englishwoman, enough that when he leaves Dublin to visit a small rural town and they think he’s English that I actually laughed. He definitely had to think about his prejudices when the tables were turned, same as Rosamund had to reconsider her privileged life when she had to fall back on her own wits for survival.

Five stars for an excellent addition to one of my favorite series. If you haven’t read Susanna Craig yet, and you love historical romance, you really should pick these up. You’ll have a new fave author in no time!

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

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