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The Earl Who Loved Her by Sophie Barnes

This is a charming Regency novella. Eve, the youngest of three well-born but impoverished sisters, is the only one of them with a chance to still have a Season and make a good match. On her way to visit with a well-connected friend, she mis-identifies her destination and arrives on the wings of a gathering snowstorm at the home of the Earl of Ravenworth and is trapped there by ice on the roads.

Ravenworth is a delightful hero; cruelly isolated from the world because of somebody else’s unworthy actions, he could easily take out his frustrations on Eve, but chooses instead to treat her gently. The resolution to their dilemma is obvious, and this being a novella, comes without unnecessary drama.

This is a short and enjoyable read, though I did find a few modern phrases and anachronisms which a Regency purist would condemn - Eve being tucked up under a ‘duvet’ was one example, the duvet not being popularised in use until the twentieth century. For this reason, I can’t give the book five stars, but it’s certainly a solid four.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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