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The Bachelor by Sabrina Jeffries

I’m really enjoying this series about the children of a three-times duchess. Don’t forget to take a look at the family tree listed in the front of the book, especially if this is your first book in the series, because you’ll need it to keep track of who’s who.

If you did read Project Duchess, you’ll remember Major Joshua Wolfe, the grumpy, injured war-hero brother of Beatrice, the heroine from that book, as well as Lady Gwyn, half-sister to the hero. Joshua is a Marine on half-pay because of his injury, severe damage to his leg which isn’t glossed over or even improved on in any way in this book, something I really like. There are a few too many heroines with Magical Healing Ointments out there. Instead, it’s shown to us that Joshua is permanently disabled and living in chronic pain… but that he is also still a very capable man, and an excellent match for clever, independent Gwyn.

Gwyn and Joshua are thrown together when a mistake from Gwyn’s past comes back to haunt her, in a situation which is deeply unfair and gender-specific. It doesn’t take long for the chemistry between them to flare, but there are complications… not least that Joshua doesn’t think a major on half-pay is at all a suitable match for the sister of three dukes.

This is a romance, so you can trust that everything works out all right, but there are a couple of twists and turns along the way to keep things interesting. Five stars for an excellent addition to this fascinating series.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

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