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Only Seduction Will Do by Jenna Jaxon

This is a Regency with a really intriguing storyline. Though it’s (I think) third in the series, I was fine reading it as a standalone. There wasn’t really anything I felt confused about even though couples from previous books did make appearances, most notably Jack’s sister Katarina and her husband.

Alethea has been hopelessly and irrevocably compromised. A tryst in a vulnerable moment has left her pregnant with the child of a married man. Forced to confess to her cousin, she has to face some very unpalatable realities. Yet, she’s still lucky; she does know one honorable man, Jack, the Earl of Manning.

This may be a bit of a spoiler, but as someone who has suffered miscarriages, I know of what I speak. The miscarriage written about in this book, while handled sensitively, was still pretty confronting to read about and I actually had to stop and come back a couple of days later before I could finish it. I don’t consider I have any real ‘triggers’ but that hit a bit too close to home. Read with caution if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.

Jack as a virgin hero actually provided some moments of hilarity, though I did wonder at his being THAT ignorant of what lovemaking involved. It was still a lovely role-reversal.

Despite the slightly traumatic bit for me personally in the middle of the book, I still really enjoyed this well-written novel and would highly recommend it to lovers of the genre, with the caveat that anyone sensitive to discussions of miscarriage and other pregnancy issues might want to steer clear. Five stars.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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