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More Or Less A Temptress by Anna Bradley

Youngest of the Somerset sisters, Hyacinth is delicate, vulnerable, protected. Smothered. While she was only fifteen when her parents’ death sent her into a state of silent shock, she’s older now and constantly being told she’s weak, frail, vulnerable… it’s taken its toll on a girl who is far stronger than she herself realises.

Lachlan Ramsey may be the most intimidating man in London… and that’s even if Hyacinth hadn’t seen him been a man to death and hide the body just a couple of nights before. Or so she thinks. When she sees the killer right in front of her at her debut ball, she can’t stay silent, but it’s an embarrassing mistake that will have serious repercussions for both of them unless she can pull herself together and publicly demonstrate that she’s not only unafraid of Lachlan, but willing to welcome him into her extended family.

An overwrought debutante accusing him of murder in front of half the Ton really isn’t the start to his London adventure Lachlan wanted, especially with his sister’s future at stake. For Isla’s sake, he has to put on a public face of amiability with Hyacinth. Being that close, though, he soon discovers there’s a lot more to the shyest Somerset sister than meets the eye.

Lachlan’s a wonderful hero; protective of those he loves and determined to see them happy no matter what the cost to himself, he’s sharply astute and sees things about Hyacinth even her own family don’t notice. For her part, Hyacinth comes off as a study in contradictions; quiet, until she needs to speak up, shy until she has to be forceful, timid unless she has to be brave. Everything about Lachlan prods her out of her comfort zone, but the brilliant part about this story is Hyacinth’s slowly dawning realisation that she actually doesn’t LIKE her comfort zone. She likes the Hyacinth who can be outspoken, forceful and brave, and that’s the Hyacinth Lachlan gives her the strength to be.

I loved the way this story turned out, the way Lachlan and Hyacinth were so perfect for each other despite such a disastrous beginning. The depths of their characters were really well explored. Also, I fell utterly in love with Ciaran, Lachlan’s gorgeous brother who made it his mission to dance with all the neglected wallflowers at balls. SWOON. Hoping for Ciaran’s story very soon!

Five stars for a charming end to a series I’ve very much enjoyed!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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