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Kiss Of A Duke by Erica Ridley

Second in Erica Ridley’s Twelve Dukes of Christmas series set in the small town of Christmas, the hero of this one isn’t actually a duke. It’s a perfume, well technically a cologne for men, called Duke, invented by the heroine. And it’s taken London by storm; even Prinny is wearing the new cologne with the near-magical ability to make women take an interest in even the most unassuming of gentlemen.

Our heroine Penelope knows there’s nothing magical about her perfume at all. Just excellent science. Chemistry is her passion, and now she’s proved her abilities with Duke, she’s ready to turn her attention to Duchess, the version for women which will make even the plainest Jane fascinating to gentlemen. What better subject to test it on than herself, especially when one of the most handsome rakes in England is in Christmas?

Nicholas Pringle, known as Saint Nick for his rakish ways, is disgusted by the very idea of Duke. He’s worked hard to be known as the worst rake in England! Bypassing all that hard work with a mere perfume is just laziness, in his opinion. He wants it off the market, by any means necessary. Penelope just doesn’t seem susceptible to his normal charms, though. And he’s finding himself inexplicably fascinated by her. Maybe there’s something to this chemistry business after all?

These two were absolutely hilarious together. There were any number of laugh-out-loud funny moments, most especially when Penelope cut off Nick’s attempts to charm her with her no-nonsense attitude. My only regret about this was that it was too short; I could have read another couple hundred pages at least of these two! Five stars for a funny and charming read to keep you in the Christmas spirit all year round.

Kiss Of A Duke is available now.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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