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Cowboy Charm School by Margaret Brownley

A sweet romance set in a small Texas town in the 1880s, Cowboy Charm School begins with Texas Ranger Brett Tucker racing into a church to stop the wedding of wanted outlaw Frank Foster.

Problem is, it’s the wrong Frank Foster… and things don’t improve much for Tucker as he does his best to repair the damage done, trying to get Frank back together with his outraged would-be bride, Kate. It’s a hilarious and at times poignant comedy of errors as candy-maker Kate has to step back and take a hard look at her life, wondering if she’s doing the right thing or just taking the easy path.

This felt so real and charming, from all the little details about candymaking in the late nineteenth century which the author has obviously researched thoroughly. Brett’s slow realisation he was falling for Kate himself, and his ever more desperate efforts to do the right thing despite Frank’s utter cluelessness, were absolutely charming; he was a hero worthy of the name, a true man of honour, and Kate was a wonderful match for him, with her sass and determination.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, with some genuine nuggets of historical information - I never heard of ‘orphan trains’ before this, and was fascinated to read up on them - I’ll be looking for more in the Haywire, Texas series in the future! Five stars.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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