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A Devil In Scotland by Suzanne Enoch

Ten years ago Callum left Scotland broken-hearted, after the only girl he ever cared about chose to accept his older brother Ian’s marriage proposal. News of Ian’s death, and his own ascension to the title of Lord Geiry, brings him back, convinced Ian’s death was no accident. The only question in his mind is whether or not Rebecca was involved in the murder plot… and therefore whether or not she will die with his other enemies.

Discovering that he is an uncle changes Callum’s plans radically, because now little Lady Margaret needs his protection. And so, he soon realizes, does her mother.

I actually really enjoyed the second-chance aspect to Callum and Rebecca’s romance, and this was beautifully written.

The issues I had with the story were more the fact that Scottish law was even more biased against women than English law at the time… anyone who Rebecca married would instantly become the owner of her fortune, and no matter whether Rebecca or her husband passed on first, Margaret couldn’t inherit any of it, which is so far beyond right I saw red every time I thought about it. At least Callum made some effort to address that inequity. Frankly, I thought Rebecca should have taken Margaret and left for London long before he got there, flatly refusing any offers of marriage for her daughter’s sake. Her failure to take action annoyed me intensely; she basically just wanted to be rescued, and that’s not something I like much in a heroine.

Therefore, I’m giving this one four stars; well written, but if heroines who sit on their hands waiting to be rescued annoy you, avoid this one.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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